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Toto Goldie Voice Recordable Teddy Bear


Toto cannot complain about cold weather.  Luckily, dressed  in winter overcoat.  Toto is 8" tall. 

Special Sale Price $12

To order your own voice recording, please add your choice of a 10, 20 or 30 second recording unit in the shopping cart.  For the 10-seond unit, the charge is $4.95, 20-second is $9.95, and 30 second is $12.95

Please note that if you are shipping the bear as a gift, you will be provided with the details to record your message so that it can be added to the recordable unit.  If the bear is shipped to yourself, the unit will be included and the instructions will be provided on how to record the message. 


Toto Voice Recordable Teddy Bear
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