Listen & Look - Volume II  


Learning Teddy Bear - Listen & Look

A gift to treasure for a lifetime. Not just a toy, it is also a gift of learning , an investment in Your special child's future. It brings families and friends together to cuddle and read along with these delightful nursery rhymes.

All our adorable L&L Book Bears are 15" in length and lie in their beds, with an interactive nursery rhyme book. On the page with the nursery rhyme is a little bear illustrating where to press on the Bear to hear the nursery rhyme. You can then follow along with the printed nursery rhyme in the book. Volume 2 includes such favorites as Hickory,Dickory, Dock, Jingle Bells, I See the Moon and She Sells Seashells. In addition, there is a Sound Unit inside to make your own nursery rhyme recordings, a message from Mommy or Daddy, or wishes from afar...


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